2. The Haunted South

by Tyler Lyle

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Sharon Jimenez
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Sharon Jimenez Tyler your podcast is revelatory especially for those of us who are expatriate Southerners. I cried when you described Atlanta. The five years I spent in what my political science professor called the "oasis" of the South -Atlanta - were filled with pain and rage as I held a microphone and had time on prime time television to peal back the layers of racism. I was fortunate to have a family legacy of progressives of grandparents who fought on the side of inclusion, Black, and women's rights. Your wife inherits this legacy as well. I told Anna you were a preacher when I first met you and now I know this to be true. Tomorrow night I go to Compton to talk about racism in Hollywood's powerful elite power structure. I pray for the right words. The new civil rights museum in Atlanta is a must for every native to visit. It was so powerful and real for your father in and law and mother in law as we were there through the days of Daddy King and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference; of Ralph David Abernathy, and Julian Bond, of Tom Murphy and the KKK and the racism and sexism that defined the Georgia Legislature where I made enemies right and left not knowing my place as a woman among the powerful elite. Hollywood and the arts came to the rescue in the darkest times in the South, but, there seem to still be too few angels in the city of Our Lady Queen of the Angels. Keep pealing back the layers my son. You are a poet, a philosopher, a songwriter m, a singer, a brave soul and God gave you all of those gifts for your and Anna's grace. Sharon Hardee Jimenez t


released February 15, 2016



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