15. Bunker

by Tyler Lyle

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Sharon Jimenez
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Sharon Jimenez The lack of public policy discussion over the alarming isolation brought on by technology and the replacement of jobs by robotics as you call algorithms is an urgent topic. At the airport iPads take your order and then try to sell you video games to steal your time and keep you from having a conversation with the stranger; yesterday a bereaved older woman carrying her mother's ashes in a box from Nova Scotia to Australia. I would be in the middle seat between the grieving daughter and a young mother of five boys with her 16 month old son making the journey to California where her sister was waiting to take her to the wine country for a break from the Winter months caring for her sons in New Jersey. Would I zone out on movies and video games or offer friendship to these strangers? I was so tempted to zone out, but, my baby boomer instinct was to let them tell me their stories. Remembering that strangers consoled me when I flew from Jacksonville to San Francisco grieving the death of my grandmother and a few years later flying back to LA after the death of my own mother. There were no free movies or video games on those journeys.

Tyler you are leading your generation on an important journey with your essays and music. We love you and are so proud of your work on the Secret Lair. Favorite track: Jumping Off.


released March 15, 2017



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