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1. Why "The Secret Lair"?
Because it's simple to say, and because that's where all the hidden interesting stuff goes on. I'd rather be at the password protected back room hangout a few blocks away than at the big party with everyone else (The Spotify or Apple Music artist page)

2. Are you a James Bond fan?
Yes. I own all the pre Daniel Craig movies on VHS. If only I had a VCR...

3. What does EP mean in this context?
Extended Play is a musical recording that contains more than a single or less than a full album. For our purposes that's three songs a month here at The Secret Lair.

4. Why aren't there more people in the podcast? Aren't there supposed to be at least three?
I'd rather type out an essay and read it than host a discussion podcast. It's the format I'd rather make and it's the format I prefer to listen to, but I do want to do interviews at some point.

5. What formats will the playlist be in?
Spotify and Apple Music

6. Are you releasing the EP, the playlist and the podcast all on the same day?
Yes. The 15th of every month.

7. How do I get it?
Subscribe and you'll receive an email when it releases. Bonus points for downloading the bandcamp app (you can listen to everything there too).

8. Why Bandcamp again?
Because I'm not asking for donations and I'm not crowd funding anything. I wanted a new way to do "social" media that could support all the types of mediums that I want to host. I get to write songs, write prose, record songs, host a "podcast" make playlists and scavenge the internet for interesting stuff. I can do all of that here- and Bandcamp charges a fair fee, and they are generally very friendly to work with.

9. Wait. Where am I?
I make an EP every month. It includes a podcast and a Spotify/Apple Music playlist. You pay for it. Most songs never get heard. This allows you to hear 36 songs this year instead of 11 songs whenever I release the next album (probably late 2017/18).

10. I want to host you for a house show.
Cool. I want to play. This is my e-mail:

11. I want to buy your [CD,book,vinyl,tshirt]

12. I never got my thing from the Pledge Campaign

13. Tell me a joke
''I went to the zoo the other day, there was only one dog in it, it was a shitzu.''

14. Are you going to be putting the podcast on iTunes?
I don't think so. I'm not selling ads and I don't have those fancy whooshy sound effects that make it sound fancy. It's an outlet for expression, not for making money. I'd rather make money on music.

15. Can't I just wait until December and then subscribe for one month and get everything you did that year for $3?
Oh no! You found the Achilles heel of my scheme! I only hope you are as kind as you are clever (and how clever you are!). Also, music is my only source of income so steal at your karmic peril. [See also]

16. So, is this your new lifestyle blog?
NO! It's not my job to tell you that chorizo and creme fraiche are the secret ingredients of happiness, or that you should never leave your wallet in the green room, or that you must own a Glencarin glass to properly enjoy good bourbon. You're on your own for all that. This is an editorialized version of my creative process, not my life. Technology is like a raft. You use it to get across the river. You don't then strap it to you and carry it on your back after you've crossed. I don't do selfies or pictures of pancakes and I don't text over three lines. This is just a tool. All the good stuff is IRL. However, if you want to talk bourbon or travel or books, I've never turned anyone down for a drink who has asked.

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Tyler Lyle
Brooklyn, New York


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